Coaching allows me to craft a life that aligns what I do with who I am.  And, it allows me to inspire others to do the same.  Trained through The Coaches Training Institute - known for its rigor and depth of teaching, I am Co-organizer of a nationally recognized educational forum, The Coaching Studio, and Co-founder of The Coaches Inn . . . a place of possibility. In addition to a wealth of life experience, I bring to my coaching a commitment to leading an intentional life.

I began my professional career as a chef in Hamburg, Germany, returning home to open my own restaurant.  Personal interest and curiosity then led me to study food as a form of healing.   Trained in a variety of healing modalities, I have worked at Wholistic Healing Centers throughout the country since 1981.

I bring heart, inspiration, infectious humor and a sense of limitless possibility to my work. We work to clarify who you are and where you stand, by aligning with your personal values – finding your core. Then, to recognize your grace – that which comes naturally to you. I hold the space for you to go deeper and to reach higher – “to the edge from the center.” As your coach, you can count on me to be fully present, perceptive, discerning, and infinitely curious, with an eye to that which will allow more joy, more freedom. I enjoy working with individuals who live their lives consciously and courageously through choice and commitment and adventurous scaredy cats that are committed to moving forward, fears and all.

Currently, I reside in a small river town on the Delaware, with Zoë, a most amazing feline, where I continue to craft my life from interests extensive and diverse.  An avid student of metaphysics and a voracious reader, I have a penchant for good conversation and the thinking process.  I enjoy long periods of solitude, nature in a variety of expressions, animals, a cappella singing and the open road.